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Peach Hefeweizen

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Hi all,

I'm after some suggestions on a recipe for a Peach Hefeweizen as my peach tree is producing fruit the size of softballs at the moment and I'd like to put some of them to good use.

Obviously there is the German Weissbier Brewprint that could be used as a base but perhaps there's a better method? I have a packet of LalBrew Munich Classic wheat beer yeast that I'd like to use too.

I was considering an all grain recipe for this one but I don't think I'll get the time whilst the fruit is ready.

What quantity of fruit is recommended for 10L of beer?




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Liam reckons usually 1lg of fruit per droid generally speaking.    I’ve done raspberry and blueberry sours this way and fruit content seems about right but have only done them as sours with some lactose added to reawaken the fruitiness.   

weissbier is a good base    

peach    BerlinerWeiss sounds tasty   and awesome.  

I like C3Ds suggestion on freezing the stuff in vac seal.  

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