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1 hour ago, Razovich said:

I went with a custom brew of 20 deg propagation and 12 deg fermentation. Keg and storage as normal.

Sounds like a good lager profile.  Mine was:

  • 72 F Propagation
  • 54 F Ferment
  • 64 F keg/bottle
  • 39 F store
  • YES for dry hopping

I will dry-hop with 25g each of Amarillo and Galaxy

😀 Happy brewing.

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On 03/04/2017 at 4:48 AM, Banjo said:

So I am thinking about trying out creating a custom recipe using just the brewprint ingredients.  I was looking for inspiration and came across a Coopers recipe of the month from late last year, the Trappist Coaster Belgian IPA.  Having a good look at the brewprint ingredients I think I might try out:

2 x E1

2 x E5

2 x X2

1 x H2 and 1 x H4 added to the droid



I started this recipe on Feb 14, 2023.  My only variation was the hops.  I used 30g each of Amarillo and Centennial (which is the DH equivalent of H4 and H2).  I kegged half and bottled half.  I sampled it today.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.  It is now on my repeat list.

Thanks for posting the recipe.

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On 24/03/2023 at 6:02 PM, Razovich said:

@ThagomizerI actually tried a small bottled sample last night (forgot pic  sorry). Taste tester bottle was pre hops and was very enjoyable. This is due to taste testing from droid and my wife actually thought it was good and isn’t a fan of dry hopped beers. So I compromised and added 1xh1,2xh6. 
Has been in keg for 5weeks tomorrow so will now add to kegerator and begin force carbonation this arvo.

Hope you enjoy it, I think that the beer even without hops was very enjoyable. Keep us posted.

@RazovichToday, I poured my third pint of Thirsty Delight from my mini-keg.  It was crisp, hoppy and with a mild herbal flavor and slight hint of grapefruit.  It had a strong head and good lacing of the glass.  I will try to send a picture later.  This was an enjoyable brew that I will be repeating.  I will experiment with the dry hops on the future brews.  This one had 25g each of Amarillo and Galaxy.  My next one will probably use 20g each of Amarillo and Galaxy - or maybe something wildly different.

Thank you for presenting this new recipe.

😀 Happy brewing.

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@Thagomizer, I am 7 days into a brand new brew of “Thirsty Delight “. Have gone with same ingredients + 160g Maltodextrin to original brew water. Am going to leave this one as is this time around no dry hopping or hop oil to be added. Will be good to see how it turns out after leaving in the keg for 6 weeks. 
Am really glad that you have enjoyed my recipe and glad to share it.




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