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On 8/2/2021 at 3:39 AM, Captain 3 Droids said:

Well there you go, learn something new every day. Will be interested in your thoughts when this is ready to drink?

This one is probably one of the most favoured things to come out of my BrewArt system.   

it’s a summer drink for sure.  

the wives and hardcore craft brew enthusiasts alike love this one.  

not sure I like the “it tastes like Robina” commentary but all the same I’ve brewed several batches and now keep it in stock.   

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3 minutes ago, Nick Yunker said:

Sorry all, I’ve been finishing up a few that we’re in and finished setting up the brew closet! I’m ordering ingredients as we speak to start as soon as they land. Will keep everyone posted! 


Looks great and a  Droid Brewer! Top stuff.  Keep us posted.

You should change your name to o Nick 3 Yonker” ?

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JP and I have a brew in secondary at the moment. The recipe was given to us by local craft brewery that's doing amazing beer and Liam converted it to brewprint ingredients (it's a recipe that should convert well)


The recipe is DDH so Liam told us to set kegging temp to 14°, add the first batch of hops at 48 hrs, the second batch at EOF and leave it until it has done 48 hrs at storage. It's a really simple way of DDH'ing

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