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Lazy Saturday afternoon.

Anthony Dalton

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6 hours ago, Anthony Dalton said:

Yeah Rob, I played for 30 years and umpired another 10. Love the game. I miss the camaraderie, the merciless sledging and the odd day where one played well. It’s nice to have that chunk of my weekend back though.

Yep, i get that 100%. I am at that stage now where I pick a few weekends off in the season just to give the body a rest and just to have a late lunch with the wife and hang out in the garden together before an afternoon brew is needed. I can't bugger up every weekend of summer

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1 minute ago, Anthony Dalton said:

Mrs D is looking forward to couple of nights sound sleep without the droids humming away in the adjoining room.

Sadly I don’t think Mrs D realises the droids humming is like a soothing massage for the brain and body. Be prepared for her sitting up in bed “I just can’t get to sleep, Anthony. You didn’t happen to tape the droids humming?”

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