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Any ideas on what is happening here?

Jim in Worcester

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My guess would be that you have your BrewFlo temperature indication set on Fahrenheit.  If you want to change it to Celsius, hold down the up arrow for about ten seconds and then it will toggle to Celsius.

Confusing?  Yup.  The opposite happened to me because mine was factory set to Celsius and I wanted Fahrenheit.  Regrettably, the quick-start manual does not include this information.

I hope this helps.

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On 01/10/2023 at 8:17 PM, Thagomizer said:

Glad to hear it is solved.

My bad.  I did not pick up on the audio portion of your presentation.  Yours is the first which I have seen that included audio.

So, you had a more complex problem than I thought.  I agree with @xpsTech that the BrewArt team will be needed for this. 

I thought my BrewFlo was noisy but yours is another whole new dimension in strange sounds.  I hope it is fixed soon.

🙂 Happy brewing.

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Thanks for the tag guys. 

G 'Day @Jim in Worcester,

Welcome to BrewArt! That sound is definitely not right. As xpstech mentioned, it sounds like there's a slight Air Leak coming from somewhere. 

The first thing I'd suggest checking is isolating the leak. We need to work out if it is leaking from the BrewFlo or from the Keg.
If there's a Keg connected to the Air Line, disconnect the Air Line from the Keg, close the lid, and see if the BrewFlo makes the same pulses.
If the pump still runs then the leak is from the BrewFlo, and move to the next step.

Second, make sure the Air Line going into the bulkhead fitting (inside the BrewFlo) is pushed all the way in (it pushes in about 15mm). 
It needs to be pushed in to get a good seal. Give it a good push, Close the Lid and see if it still makes the noise. 
If it does, then we'll likely need to take this offline and have a closer look at things. 

Flick me an email through to: tech@brewart.com. and I can get you in contact with the US Customer Support team if needed. 


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