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Tall Tale Pale Ale

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20 hours ago, Rob Courtney said:

So a few beers in and 


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It is a perfectly acceptable beer but there is nothing at 8 weeks that makes me want to brew it again. I am going to change the temperature of it from 5 to 8 degrees for the second half of the keg to see what difference that makes



True to form then really. A bit like the real thing. Sometimes Furphy tastes great and other times you just wonder why you bothered.

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So sticking true to my new regiment of not posting after midnight...which will probably get broken again next week. 

Maybe its because it is an ale but it becomes a little bit meh after a few pints. What I appreciated to begin with with the galaxy flavour was a little less enjoyable as the night went on. Now this may be on me, as I usually drink bottles I do mix my brews up in a night and I will adjust it so it goes from a bitter lager with just saaz or hallertau to beers ith a mixture of hops promoting a more fruity mouthfeel ending with something with maybe Galaxy.

In saying that though, I did have six imperial pints so it was still a good drink but yeah, given the amount of beers I can brew, unikely to put this one on again

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