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This is meant as constructive critiques /suggestions only: Certainty not complaining.
My "To Do Wish List" for Brewart:

1.  Videos look nice but are brief .Could do with more information.
2.  Store, Ingredients page:
Hops, please list what type of hops each product is, much easy to put a recipe together.  Need this info.
Same goes for elements page.  What malts are each product?  Yeast, same info needed!  Think about it,  for a lot of people this is a sizable investment.  Providing this NECESSARY info is critical for most I would think, especially those brewer's who already brew their own and want to customize the beers properly!   Small example:  I'd like to do a weiss bock such as Adventus, or Paulaner Salvator Double Bock, how can i even start without proper ingredient info.


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  ELEMENTS  Cost    Colour Malt Flavour  Bitterness  
  E1  $       3.50   Minimal Grainy Moderate  
  E2  $       3.50   Medium Sweet Biscuity Medium  
  E3  $       4.00   Full Sweet Roasted Medium-Firm  
  E4  $       4.00   Deep Roasted Firm  
  E5  $       3.50   Minimal Subtle Medium-Firm  
  ENHANCERS  Cost    Colour Enhancement Style  
  X1  $       3.00   Minimal Grainy, Sweet Body   
  X2  $       3.00   Minimal Soft Mouthfeel Lighter  
  X3  $       3.50   Moderate Rich Toffee Sweeter  
  X4  $       4.00   Deep Roast Coffee, Chocolate Darker  
  X5  $       3.00   NIL NIL Alcohol  
  HOPS  Cost    Flavour & Aroma Beer Style Pairing Similar Hop  
  H1  $       3.50   Citrus & Floral Firm Bitterness Amarillo  
  H2  $       3.50   Resinous, Bold & Floral Assertive Bitter Flavour Centennial  
  H3  $       3.50   Subtle Herbal & Ester Soft Finish Hallertau  
  H4  $       3.50   Herbal & Spicy Firm Bitterness Saaz  
  H5  $       3.50   Floral & Herbal Clean Finish Hersbrucker  
  H6  $       3.50   Passionfruit & Stonefruit   Galaxy  
  H7  $       3.50   Herbal & Fruit, Toffee & Biscuit   Challenger  
  H8  $       3.50   Zingy Orange Peel & Corriander   ?  
  H9  $       3.50   Spicy & Fruit Deep colour, Mod Bitterness cascade  
  YEAST  Cost    Flavour & Aroma Beer Style Pairing Clarity  
  Y1  $       4.00   Subtle Ester Highlights Hops Clear  
  Y2  $       3.00   Fruity & Ester Heavily Bittered Slight Cloudy  
  Y3  $       2.50   Neutral Vigorous Ferment Clear  
  Y4  $       2.50   Clean Malt & Hop Clear Ales Clear  
  Y5  $       3.50   Banana & Clove Wheat Slight Cloudy  
  Y6  $       5.00   Phenolic, Peppery, Banana   Slight Cloudy  
  Y7  $       3.00   Clean   Clear  
  Y8  $       4.50   Neutral   Clear  
  Y9  $       4.50   Subtle Fruity & Ester   Clear  







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38 minutes ago, Arin Percy said:

Nice work Rob!

It just gives an idea of how you can switch things up if you want a different result. I mean, not enough head in the beer, swap an X1 for an X2...and as I just learnt, to get more bitterness in a beer, swap an E1 for an E5, you can get about another 9 or 10 points of bitterness on the IBU rating by doing that

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