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Brewing finished how should it look?


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Hi all,

So the beerdroid says brewing has finished and I've put it into storage mode awaiting the kegging caddy.

looking into the window the brew was not clear at all. So I've tapped a bit off and it's hugely cloudy. I've never brewed before so I'm not sure if this is good.

Tastes ok, smells ok.

Any comments welcome.



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Yeah that's fine just after primary fermentation. Once it is been primed and stored in the keg or bottles during secondary fermentation it will clear up and will look much better.

You can also keg without the caddy, there is a BrewArt 101 video which shows you how to do this. My first 4 brews I kegged without the caddy and I have only just bought one since I wasn't sure if it would be worth it. From what I have heard tho, kegging with the caddy is much better.

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Hi Craig, I've found that some of the ingredients get stuck in the passage to the tap and after a couple of 20ml decants it looks much clearer ( although a sludge remains which I find once I'm cleaning the brewdroid post bottling.) I hadn't dared taste the first few decants but seems from yours and other comment I was unduly worrying!

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8 hours ago, Stuart Gibson said:

Good job Craig.

At this stage looks dont really matter much. Smell and taste are so much more important and it seems you have ticked those boxes.

What brew is it?


American Pale Ale.

I've got Bombshell Blonde and Belgium Lager to run next.

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