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Bottled Beer Consumption Time?

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I number of people are not quite sure when to start consuming their bottled brews particularly those just starting out. Most brews will mature well over time, some take longer than others, eg. some lagers can be enjoyed early whilst stouts and high alcohol brews are best left for a considerable time.

It is best to keep some basic notes so you know what your thoughts have been. They don’t need to be complex and can be as simple as gas noise on opening (soft, loud -to indicate carbonation level), aroma, head retention in the glass, bubble activity in the glass (big bubbles, small, carbonation good) appearance (clear, see through, cloudy,- for those other than stout etc) and of course taste, then you can rate it (score out of ten). The process in general :-

Now crack a bottle at 2 weeks when carbonation should be complete (you want to anyone)
then 1 at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, say 2 at 4 weeks, and 5 weeks and 3 at 6weeks  and rest at 7 weeks and 8 weeks. (or hold for longer with stouts, high alcohol etc)
You will be surprised at the changes. At first it’s a bit of a pain but you do need to build stocks. Most of us would brew brew brew and drink purchase beers until stocks were able to keep up with consumption. You’ll read recommendations of 6 to 8 weeks as best for most consumption however I think it’s important to establish the best time period to suit yourself. I drink some lagers at early, like 3/4 weeks as that how I like them but I have done the test.

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I will give my indications on some of the bottle varieties tomorrow. I may even break it into hop pouches and dry hopping as well to give people an idea of the difference.

Think this is a good idea for a thread as I remember about 18 months ago when I started brewing, I didn't come from a home brewing background so it was only on Liams advice that I started tasting the bottles at intervals.

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