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Best first Brewprints for Newbie

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56 minutes ago, Robert Pretty said:


Currently in the process of ordering a Droid. Was wondering what would be the best Brewprints to order for first timer. In to ales and dark beers like stouts and Porters.



Hi Robert, Mark here and welcome. You will not regret the Droid, excellent units and the BrewPrint/ingredients are just great. To be honest they are all good to date so go through the Brewprints from  the store, most have had reviews done. Also look at the 10 top brews spreadsheet in the main thread Brewart Banter. Cheers and let us know what you decide.

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Hi @Robert Pretty, sorry mate i only just saw this . Welcome onboard , did you get the droid and have you pulled the trigger on any brewprints. 

Ales and Stouts a man after my own heart 😄 . To be honest mate , the coopers beers are a good start point as they would be most resemblant of the original . The Ruby Porter is a massive winner for me , aswell as the Irish Red Ale brew. I have only the Kremlin for full stouts , but @Rob Courtney speaks highly of the irish stouts so give them a run too . The Kremlin was the first beer on here where i think i made a drink that easily rivals or beats some of the RIS's that i have bought in a can .

As @Barrelboy said , welcome on board , ask questions and look at the top ten brews , always a good guide on those that seem to turn to daily drivers 🤘🤘🤘

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