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Would you buy a Cider Brewprint

Cider Brewprint  

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  1. 1. Would you buy a Cider Brewprint

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Yeah that would be nice, I have seen one person use apple juice to make cider in the BeerDroid.

I have made a few ciders in the past with my Coopers DIY Kit which turned out pretty good from the Brigalow Cider Cans considering I didn't have any temperature control for them but only brewed them during reasonable ambient temperatures.

They usually turn out dry but you can add some lactose powder to sweeten them up.

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You can do one with 10 litres of apple juice and a cider yeast from a home brew store, then choosing the 'ale' program. They end up nice and dry with a high ABV of about 10%. You can also sweeten them up with something like stevia (you don't want to add any more fermentable sugars).

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