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Noisy on first time start up

Kevin Martin

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16 minutes ago, Kevin Martin said:

Excited to finally get my brewart today. I just turned it on and its making this noise. It goes away after a few minutes but worried if I start a brew, it will make this noise. It will be going in my kitchen and this noise would get annoying

Hi Kevin and welcome to the forum. After unpacking did you let it sit for a while before turning it on so the oil in the compressor stabilised?

When running the compressor does make some noise but I believe it is softer when the Droid has liquid in it when brewing. 
Cheers Mark.

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On 06/10/2020 at 6:32 PM, Kevin Martin said:

It sounds like the fan is hitting something 

That would be my guess as well.

The BeerDroid runs the fan for about a minute on power up, that's probably why it stops after a bit.

So if you were to run a brew, it would occur whenever the fan kicked in to cool the internals. It doesn't sound too bad so I don't think any damage is occurring as a result.

Based on the excellent customer service by the @BrewArt Team I am sure they will have you sorted and brewing in no time.

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11 minutes ago, BrewArt Team said:

Hi @Barrelboy, sorry you're having this issue. Do you mind forwarding that video to our email address info@brewart.com ? Sorry it's take a little longer than usual to reply, we've got some staff away sick. Cheers, Em 

Hi Em and thanks for the response. Kevin Martin is the one having the problem and I contacted yourself on his behalf.

He  posted the video here on this site/post on Tuesday above. I’ll get him to sent it to you.

Cheers Mark.

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1 hour ago, Barrelboy said:

Kevin BrewArt has responded (post above). Could you send a copy of your video via email to 

lnfo@brewart.com   Attention Em.



Thanks, my wife has emailed them. Hope it gets sorted soon. I've got the brewart flow and everything ready to go, just need the main bit to start

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