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Lacing of the Beer Glass.

Captain 3 Droids

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Thought I’d raise this as an interesting topic of discussion.

I think Australians more than most have a fascination and a definite requirement for lacing to occur during the consumption of their beer. I certainly do and many a time in a pub if there was no or limited head to the beer I would ask for the beer to be corrected. I have since  learned that a beer with no head, thus no lacing is not necessarily flat (and often isn’t).  But it just doesn’t look right.
Other information suggests that if lacing occurs then your glass isn’t clean, I don’t support that but if it is the case then I’m happy to have lacing caused by that issue.

Thoughts? I mean how can you not like ........


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10 hours ago, Dustin Frothman said:


Met the wife for a few beers at the West Oak hotel after she finished work the other day. What a fantastic job they did on the renovations. Such a beautiful pub.

Pirate Life Pale Ale on draught. Look at that glass!

Just love lacing. Also tells of your consumption, big one at the start and near the end so you must have enjoyed it.

There is a Private Life IPA on the Shem sheet, would you do it?

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