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Merry Xmas Brewers

Rob Courtney

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That time of year where hopefully, you're a few brews in the bank that will see you through to New Years.

I guess the fun thing for me this year is , as much as Covid has impacted on us, well, I like to stay home and have a few brews with the good wife, so, pretty much operation normal for me. 

May you all enjoy this short break, even if you have to catch up with loved ones via facetime instead of the usual get together.

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The daughter asked whether she should leave a beer out for Santa this year (I was pretty strong on that she should...and I might point out, it got drunk unlike the milk in previous years that I believe was poured down the sink) and she said maybe Santa should have a BeerFlow in his sleigh.

@BrewArt Team just an idea for future reference "SleighFlow"

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