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I blame Rob C

Robert Pretty

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42 minutes ago, Robert Pretty said:

Looks like Rob C has converted another Ale drinker to Lagers. First the Czech Pilsener , then the Boho Lager on the weekend. Don't tell anyone that these Lagers are damn good on a hot summers day.ย 

Lucky I have a few Ales maturing.


I still enjoy a number of ales but yes Rob played a part in my lager ventures. Getting him baCk now as heโ€™s enjoying a few ales๐Ÿป

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Help me , my Lager addiction is getting worse, at the footy on the weekend, go the Swans. I ordered a Balter lager, instead of my usual 4 Pines Pale Ale. No lagers in the droid in the foreseeable future. Just Bottled the Ruby Porter, London own ale is ready to bottle on Friday. Then the Big Brown Bear and West Coast Pale Ale.


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