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Cooling keg before Brewflow


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So there seems to be a general consensus that putting your keg into a fridge for 24 hours before dropping into the 'flow is a good idea.

Next question is, can you lay the keg on its side?

Will that affect clarity or taste?

my APA's are almost ready to be consumed but without seriously rearranging our fridge I can only lay them done for prechill.

Any answers greatly appreciated.

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Pursya, I personally would not lay the keg on its side in the fridge.  The sediment would move from the upright keg base to its lowest point on its side in the fridge and then move back to its base when placed in the beer Flo.  The two movements would have to affect clarity depending on the ingredients of each particular brewprint.

You can adequately chill your keg from room temp in the beerflo.  It will take at least overnight to get the beer to a drinking temp of 4 degrees.  The advantage of using the fridge is that no additional electricity is consumed by the beerFlo.  The downside is that if you have limited fridge space the kegs do take up a lot of room.

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I prefer having the kegs standing upright with the keg holds. This allows all the sediment to stay at the bottom of the keg so it won't mix with the beer when pouring out of the BrewFlo. If the kegs are on the side then the sediment will more likely mix into the beer effecting taste and clarity. You would be better off just putting the keg straight into the BrewFlo set at 3 degrees to chill it before drinking.

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A mistake I made for many years.

Dont worry Duffman, you are not alone.

I am not too caught up in the appearance, but more into the flavour. I have found some brews improve their flavour profile and others do not, when the sediment is poured into the glass. My first two glasses are always one clear and one cloudy, so I can decide how to drink it. 

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