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What a Difference a Glass Makes

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I’ve opened this up so people can comment on what brews suit different glasses, how they may differ etc.

To start off, I didn’t really think a different style of drinking glass made any difference, however due to comments etc on this forum I have experimented and purchased glasses  to perhaps suit. 
 Well they do make (IMO) a significant  difference.

However today I really noticed this. I was drinking a lager in a balloon type glass and followed up with a Coopers XPA  in the same type glass. It was certainly nice but next beer in a pint glass was just so much better, the hop flavour really came through. I was to some degree, surprised.

Other opinions?

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I have noticed the same brewprint drinks better in different glasses along the journey of secondary. Point in case is tonight with a Bavarian lager at about 9 weeks. The last one I had maybe last week or probably the week before that in the Stella glass was lovely. Last nght I had it in the same glass but was less than impressed with the flavour, almost to the point of thinking the sweet spot is 4-6 weeks but tonight, drinking one from the Headmaster glass and all the lager bitterness with the Hallertau hops just banging.

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6 hours ago, Robert Pretty said:

Big difference a glass makes. But a Big Bear Brown Ale into a IPA torpedo glass and it is all head. Put it in a English pint glass and it perfect.


Your so right Robert. I found an English bitter or the English Pub Draught just aren’t the same in any other glass than the dimple mug.

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