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Lager and cold crashing

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I'm brewing my first larger and looking for tips to perfect it.

I have tried using the store function on my droid to cold crash for a week prior to kegging or bottling.

The last ale I did (lighthouse), it looked like a lot of the brew had frozen around the outside, is this normal?

When cold crashing is it best to add the hop solution prior to crashing or after?

any other tips for producing the perfect larger?

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Personally I don’t see the point in cold crashing in the droid. I thing the storage mode is great if for some reason your unable to keg or bottle at the keg mode operation. Using the droid just ties it up from getting another brew on the go.

You can cold crash your bottles or Beerflo kegs straight after being filled and primed in the fridge. Due to the cold temperature carbonation will not occur until they are brought back up to carbonation temperature, 18C+. As some of the yeast has settled and is no longer in suspension carbonation will take longer, at least 3 weeks.

I have found that lager Brewprint recipes with the selected yeast have provided clear lagers in any event,  is it worth the trouble.? However an all grain wort may well require it.

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