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Leaking Keg.


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Walked into the walk in robe this arvo and smelt beer.

Oh, that smells nice..............walked out and then though hang on, I shouldn't smell beer they're in kegs!

had a look and found "four leaf" dripping down from the top shelf all over the mrs clothes!

It appears that I did not tighten the orange cap enough. Taking the warning to not overtighten to literally.

Lesson learnt and future kegs will sit in the kitchen for 24 hours before going in to storage to ensure all is safe.


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On 19/02/2017 at 11:18 PM, dcm said:

I've had quite a bit of success in blaming the cat...

You bugger!

We are cat people, had 6 until we went to Europe for 6 weeks and on return the 21 year old decided that she had to see us one last time and was dead within 5 hours.......

Hard to blame the cat after that.

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