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Pineapple crush

Patrick Gueho

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1 hour ago, Patrick Gueho said:


When do i put in the dry hops, it states just before before finalisation of fermentation, how do i know when it is nearly finished

Hi Patrick and welcome!

The Pineapple Crush Brewprint is a standard Dry Hop recipe so if your BeerDroid is up to date with the latest firmware it will notify when it’s time to add the hops.

You can check the firmware applied to your BeerDroid by going to “My BeerDroid” on your app and tapping the icon. If you’re up to date it will show “Version P018”.

Make sure the app on your smartphone is also up to date by checking your manufacturer’s App Store for any updates.

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Welcome Patrick.  

there are instructions to add the pineapple juice on day three to avoid that overripe fruit like taste.  That’s probably good advice.  

I’ve just brewed this again with 2L pine apple juice to 7L water and it’s pretty good.   

we will find out in a couple of months.   

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