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Holiday Brews


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Hey all, just thought I might start a new topic, probably needed to be started a while ago given the lag time between starting a brew and enjoying it.

Anyway, just wondering what, if anything, special brews you put into your respective Droids for the holiday season?

I myself did another Hazy, this time you guys would be proud, my "Holiday Hazy" is only 6.5%, but I thought given all to be consumed on Xmas Day and following, I thought I'd pace myself.

I also did another Mango Hard Seltzer. Given how good the mangos are this season and the low prices given the glut, I thought I would do this one with just fresh mango and no frozen or canned.

I ended up pulping 8 mangos, 2 R2E2's and 6 Kensington. Into some near boiling water with Dextrose and cane sugar along with 10g of yeast nutrients, 8 days later and I'm kegging tomorrow. My wife loved the first version of this I did as did my cousin from NZ who visited last month so I thought I would do it again for Xmas day given how warm it's forecast to be. Even my Seltzer is a departure from the 9-10% I've made recently and this one is only 7.5%.

However, to make up for that, I've currently got in the Droid a NY23 Hazy IIPA which should finish at around 9.5%. This is a big, big boy and it stretched the brewing capacity of my Nano brewery but it's looking and smelling amazing. Should be in a keg 2 days before NYE.

So come on all, share what you've got and done for this coming holiday season!

My Holiday Hazy, juicy AF. A couple of firsts in this brew, first use of the Bluestone New England Yeast as well as first use of the Nectaron hop and I can tell you, it won't be the last for either of these. To partner the Nectaron, I used Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka, a real tropical fruit bomb.



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Have the Summer Ale (C3D recipe) for the holidays with the fresh wort Pale and Bohemian...in a good place. I will also have one of the Vintage Ales which is a smidge under 1 year now

Have a sesion fresh wort in the droids that I am waiting to get to EOF, going to all @J Pthe hops suggestion when I dry hop this one (at least double). 

I had an interesting experience today, as it was the last day of work and I needed to escape for a while, I walked to Dans to buy a six pack for "it's an hour to go, I'm done" drinks. It isn't a big crew and onl;y one other person drinks beer ( women drink well...women drinks) and where usually I'd get a Pacific Ale, I got a sixer of Becks as I used to drink Becks before I started brewing...really liked it too. Boy, that is a shocker, like a real shocker, sometimes I don't think i give myself enough credit for the brews I make because the worst I make is still a large step above what I had today.

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Merry Christmas all and particularly to @Captain 3 Droids and his family. I hope you enjoy the day and a few beers together to make this one a special time to remember.

Great work @Wazza_wantsbeer! I cracked the sampler bottle of the Polski Baltic Porter today after 3 months conditioning and it’s fantastic so the keg is in the fridge chilling.

Otherwise I have an all grain XPA and IPA on the other two taps of the kegerator.

I was supposed to work today but got lucky and was called in on Friday off a day off to recover a busted aeroplane. I’ve worked too much the last few weeks and the rules say I can’t go to work today.

Christmas beers it is then. 🥳

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Sounds like some great suds on tap for the holidays boys!

I split a can of coopers liquid Mönch Lager into 2 droids.  One DDH with Galaxy (ala lawnmower+) and the other droid with Saaz.   Sadly the Saaz batch went vinegar.  🤦🏻‍♂️. The galaxy will be great in 2 weeks.  

put down two droids of pear cider today 🍐 one with SAF-AC4 cider ala @bennoz and the other with the kit yeast mangrove jacks 02 cider yeast.  Will be interesting to see side by side as Bennoz says different yeasts makes all the difference in the world.   

next up will be two droids of ginger beer … happily accepting tips and tricks on those   


just coming of age now are:

Kohatu Man lost in Beedleup


SabroTooth Tiger eats Beedleup Man…. 

(both are renditions of day man with beedleup hops sourced locally in SW WA sort of an all around hops.  

Results of the Kohatu combo are a fruitbomb of tropical aromas and quite lovely…

Rob C I’m glad you’re pushing the hops envelope.  I’ve yet to be disappointed at 150-170g tops per droid (200g was too much —made the beer real soapy and unpalatable). Have been playing with CRYO HOPS…. Did a mountain range with 100g of CRYO POP …. It’s spectacular.   Super balanced and nothing too overpowering.  Definately a beer for the masses.   Smooth and fruity.  Could’ve maybe pushed it and put 150g of cryopop BUT that might be for next time.   

Dusty I’m glad you got sent to the pub for RnR!!! Well deserved.  

thanks for prompting the discussion Wazza! Your productions are enviable.  That seltzer looks the goods!

C3D thank you for all your guidance and advice and keeping our passions burning and our failure rates low!!

enjoy the new years fellas and cheers to you all!


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