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Beer line failure


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Put a new keg in yesterday.

Had three or four glasses last night, all good. Even the pour.

This morning the compressor ran....strange, but thought nothing more about it.

This arvo thought I might have a beer. Indicator said "empty"!

So opened the lid.......beer spurts everywhere, pump starts up.

Switched off and waited....lifted lid. Beer line in two pieces, all beer outside keg, keg forcing lid open.









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What bad luck Pursya!!, I have never thought to test the beer line connections before I install a new one in the BeerFlo.  But based on your experience I will be from now on.  What do you think the failure was, cable tie to loose or the inner two tubes fractured, too short, or What?  For what its worth I think you have a strong case for a replacement brewprint.  But the time, effort and beer wastage for that keg is a real pity.  

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Yes, I've had that twice.

First time I had a new full keg fill the flow and my carpet.

Second was just as I plugged in the line, so I got a face-full but wasted very little.

I think it's due to too much pressure in a new keg.

I never leave the flow unattended now with the beer line plugged in until the pressure has dropped enough to hear the compressor kick in at least once.

Brewart were very good and gave me print for the trouble.

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I've got to say that I really don't know why the failure.

I've never examined the lines in any detail before.

This one I connected as usual, turned the keg to straighten it as usual.

Turned the flow on, let the compressor run. Pre chilled keg so waited half an hour then poured.

Had I think four glasses.

I originally thought the line had broken, as there was an inner tube inside the zip tied tube.

But then I realised that the small looped tube went inside that tube.

Not exactly a good design.

Seems to me it's a design issue. Zip ties are not a best solution for anything.

I am unsure how to inspect the line in the future. Do I pull hard? If I do pull hard, will that weaken the join and guarantee a failure?

I will inform BrewArt with pictures, as I think being an early adopter it's up to all of us to feed as much information as possible to iron out issues for the betterment of the system.

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Well, put in a new keg and beer line this morning.

An hour or so later I heard the compressor run.

So I looked and found beer in the cap of the keg around the valves.

Pulled it out and checked valves. All tight.

So cleaned up, replaced line and all looks good.

The new line is from a new packet so hopefully just a bad batch.

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I wouldn't pull on the beer lines. I always do the opposite - push the loop in a bit further each way. My understanding is the zip ties will hold it but they can get nudged out of place, then the pressure of the beer can cause a failure. I hear they're working on a new design.

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As usual, BrewArt have been amazing.

New Ruby Porter and pack of lines on its way.

And also confirmation that they do want to know directly about these types of issues.

Lets face it, we are the guinea pigs, the testers, the early adopters.

It is our experiences that will shape what the Droid and Brewflow end up being in 5 years time.

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Well, it's happened again!

After the failure of the liner I put in a new keg. New beer line of course.

Didnt have any as I was working my way through the discarded keg.

sitting in the lounge I hear the Brewflow compressor going........I know what that means.

You can see how much beer I drained out of the flow.



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On 03/08/2017 at 9:24 AM, Dean Buchanan said:

That's not good at all is it, I wouldn't be happy if that happened to me. 

Brewart have again replaced the print and the lines.

For which I am grateful. The wife mentioned that she hoped they didn't think we were doing this deliberately to get "freebies" from the company.

I can assure everyone that is not the case.

Anyway, Liam from BrewArt has advised me to push the parts of the beer lines in before instillation. Which I will do from now on.

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