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Connecting Kegs: New BrewArtist? Please read this post first

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Welcome budding BrewArtist!


If you are new to brewing with BrewArt we recommend that you checkout BrewArt 101 as your first point of call. Here you will gain access to in-depth instructional videos, FAQs and other helpful downloads.


Here are some direct video links you may find useful:

BrewFlo: Installing a Keg

BrewFlo: The Perfect Pour



The BrewArt Team

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When putting the keg bits together after cleaning make sure the little black poppet has the skinny end up, it will fit both ways I learnt a lesson the hard way.  Also when screwing the liner onto the top piece make sure it isn't cross threaded as it can pop off during secondary fermentation.

Lessons learnt..


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