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On 16/06/2019 at 9:31 AM, Barrelboy said:

Kegged this one on 7/6/19 after 9 days. Will report when set for drinking.

Pour my first one today (14/7/19) Crisp, sweet malty taste with slight herbal finish. Hallertau hop pellets have done the job. This is a year all rounder brew for sure. Lovely drop.5AE6762B-800B-41F7-9106-94D301DF0364.thumb.jpeg.6a4ff8d83299537fbec20ed13fd429b9.jpeg31BEFEF0-4085-4B8B-8877-69E32B62761F.thumb.jpeg.10923674c52702fe2d08887cac48b3f6.jpeg

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