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Rob Courtney

Best time to drink a Keg

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Besides the obvious answer...anytime.

If you are new to brewing, the tough decision is how long to leave a keg in secondary to be able to have a flavour that will impress your friends, or in these Covid restricted times, allow you to impress yourself even more than you do when you look at yourself in the mirror first thing.

When a beer has been kegged it will need to go through a process called secondary which allows the beer to mature. Yes you can drink it straight after the second week of secondary, it will be carbonated from the primer but it still has time to go and it isn't like you can slip a keg in and out of the Brewflo and do little samples like you could with your brew bottled, so here are some ideas of how long I have found you should leave your brews in secondary before whacking the keg in the flo.

With Lagers and Pilsners, by the 5th week of secondary, it is starting to build a good profile, your friends will be impressed by the brew, so anytime from that point is good but...

Every week you leave it til week 9-10 gives the profile a bit more character. Now some people will prefer the characters at week 6, some at week 10 but it is in that time that is the strong point of the brew.

I have left lager brews until 16 weeks and it made no improvement other than the head of the beer was a bit creamier but if anything didn't quite hit the higher notes of flavour of weeks 6-10.

If anyone who drinks Brewflo kegs has other  opinions on when to drink kegs and especially from outside my comfort zone of Lagers/Pilsners, I'd be interested in your thoughts as would new brewers 

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