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Stale beer smell


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1 hour ago, Youngy said:


I have purchased a 2nd hand Brewflo with kegs.

The inside of the Brewflo and kegs have a stale beer smell.

Any ideas on have to get rid of the smell?


Sodium percarbonate.  For your 5l keg half fill with water, put a table spoon of the sodium percarbonate in a saucepan and add some boiled water to really activate it. Pour into keg, then fill keg with water to the top. Leave about 12hrs, overnight, drain and then rinse out. Should be all good.

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I'd be a bit wary with such a high concentration of vinegar as it may damage the plastic and the window seal, better check with the @BrewArt Team first.

The FAQs talk about a slight smell in the plastic being normal.

My go to is to fill the BeerDroid with warm water then add 30ml Unscented Bleach and 30ml Vinegar, let soak for a few hours, rinse and let air dry, if putting the unit away, make sure it's dry and leave the lid off, tap and drain plug out.

Make sure you add the chemicals to the water already in the Droid not the other way around to avoid fumes and undiluted chemicals on the plastic.

Do the same for the Kegs, not sure about the Flo, perhaps wipe it down and leave open, also you could try putting a little warm water in the bottom (1 cup) and flush it through to the drip tray using the silver button at the bottom front of the unit, repeat as needed if there is gunk coming through.

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Thanks @xpsTech,

I agree, I would avoid high concentrations of Vinegar as well. Highly acidic concentrations could cause chemical attack on the BeerDroid plastic.  

The Vinegar/Bleach solution is a good idea, I would also do a sodium percarbonate soak for 24 hours to get rid of everything. 
But as Xps said, some beer smell in the BeerDroid is normal. 


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