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International Beer and Pizza Day

Rob Courtney

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  • 2 months later...

Had a Mexicana pizza at my local Italian cafe. Their pizza are pretty damn good, so good that in 13 years of going there, I have tried pizza, calzone and on a couple of occasions, ravioli. Their Mexicana though, so hot, so much chilli but balanced, sweetness of the baked tomato, the crispiness of the pepperoni and then the chilli hit. At the end of each mouthful, not one element was overiding the senses but at one stage during the mouthful they all kicked you dead set in the head.

Pity the place has at best (given I'm a lager drinker) Boags or Crown as a choice and nothing on tap, would do well to at least get Peroni on tap and sell Imperial pints

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1 minute ago, Captain 3 Droids said:

I just love wood oven pizzas, so much so I’ve been known to accidentally order an extra one. Sadly it has to be eaten, can’t waste.


Yeah this is wood oven and yeah, they are great. I mean, these guys would die a quick death on Lygon street ( man Lygon street is good fun when you're hungry..."We will give you 2 bottles of wine to eat here") but out in the country they go well

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