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Brew Overdue

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Are you using the app on your phone? If so, did you get the status showing that fermentation had been detected (usually after a day or so)?
If not, then it's possible that either the yeast wasn't added or it was faulty yeast.

If fermentation has been happening, then I'd suggest leaving it another few days.
I know you're probably keen to bottle/keg, but a few extra days in primary fermentation certainly want harm your brew.

You could also take a manual reading if you have a hydrometer.

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Thanks Brewers... I have done everything via the iPhone and App, choosing the BrewPrint and everything has gone from propagate to fermentation without any problem. For some unknown reason it is now on CUSTOM brewing at 17 degrees without changing anything. I will wait a bit and see what happens, but this could be normal as far as I know, because it is my second brew.... Thanks everyone. Cheers Chucky 

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I wouldn't worry too much if EOF hasn't been detected just yet, those brew times on the BrewPrint are a guide only.

When you start a brew using the app it will come up with CUSTOM even tho you are brewing an ALE which is nothing to be concerned about which it even says that in the FAQs in BrewArt 101. Also 17 degrees is the temperature that this ALE is brewed at so that is fine.

My Neder Lager took 15 days to detect EOF when the BrewPrint says 9 to 12 days so as long as it doesn't get to 20 days it will be fine which is when it will come up with EOF not detected.

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