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Robert Pretty

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I'm starting to really loose faith in the Brewflo system , I wake to morning with another blown beer line second time in a month. Another keg wasted after waiting 6 weeks to drink. Something needs to be done. I shouldn't have to double cable tie every beer line everytime. Looks like that is going to have to be the case. I currently have 7 kegs in secondary that I don't want to waste.

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3 hours ago, Robert Pretty said:

After speaking with Liam , they are very near to releasing a completely new keg cap. That will improve the sealing. 

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble Robert and I’m glad to see you contacted support because they really are the best people to speak with if you’re having consistent problems.

A confession:

I had a beer line blow last August and lost most of a keg. I was pretty disappointed.

Even though I have about 2 dozen new beer lines I’ve been using the same one for the last 9 months because I can trust that it won’t fail.

I clean it by soaking in sodium percarbonate for a few hours and sanitise with starsan.

I don’t necessarily suggest that you do this too but it has worked for me so far without any issues.

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Great news about the new Beer Caps that might really solve a lot of issues.   I too have been having foaming issues and am getting discouraged with the system, yet each time I contact support they tend to sort things out quickly and so I guess I'm willing to keep trying.  

Loss of a keg is super frustrating.  

New kegs also coming soon they say...


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I have now also been a victim of the dreaded blown beer line. Lost 3 litres of my Hopsessed Ale and now went to change to my Stone and wood and have had 2 lines in a row fail one completely coming apart make quite the mess , will have to dig around and see if I have some older lines ... and or order some new ones ( these ones would be about 9 months old , just getting to them now ) . Last photo is not the way I want to pour my beers lol. 

P.S - might have had chance to beta test the new keg collars and they are awesome 🤘🤘🤘 ( unless they have a V3.0 then i am even more excited ) 




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So i rummaged around the bottom.of my spares and i think i might have found a gen 1 beer line . And if it holds I agree i will be reusing for a while until i order some more. The brewflo is a great product , i think its the workmanship that lets it down , and i dont think Coopers can be at fault for that, would like the see the QAQC a bit better though 

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On 10/07/2021 at 8:51 AM, Robert Pretty said:

Feel your pain Paul. I have double cable tied this line. Holding well on my Stone and Wood. I might do what Dustin does and sanitize the line and use it again.  To pressure to be losing beer, especially after you have waited 6 to 8 weeks in secondary to drink.


Great solution, interesting to note the added ties have compressed the tubing (tight) whilst the provided black tie just seems to wrap around the tubing?

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