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Brewflo Issues

Gary Negus

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Hello all,

So I have a problem and at this point Brewart has not got back to me with any solutions.

I have poured 6 kegs worth of beer and so far 3 have been tapped. The first after 3 weeks, then 4 and the latest is nearly 6 weeks old. All of them have had the same result (picture added). I am doing secondary at 18 degrees in a temp controlled fridge, pouring into cold glasses and doing everything the Brewart 101 has advised. This current pour is all head and hardly any carbonation in the beer itself. Multiple beer lines have been uses and I've checked everything several times. 

The current beer and others have also been bottled in a 50/50 keg/bottle formation with the bottles turning out great. As for the kegs though it so far has been very costly and considering the brewflo and kegs aren't exactly cheap either it is very frustrating. 

Any ideas on what might be happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.


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I finished my first keg tonight and put in the second, pre chilled keg,.

I had to hold the lever at about 10% open to let the air out for about 15 second before trying to pour.

Even then I had "splutter" and put the. First 1/4 of a glass aside as it was mostly head.

After that it poured well.

I have noted that even after 24 hours I still need to put the first 1/4 pour aside before I get a decent pour.

Of course I don't waste that first 1/4 as it can be poured in to the new pour at the 1/2 point.

But some times I do need to put my glass aside for a minute until the head settles. If the pour starts with all head I put it aside.

I'm very new to the pour only being on my second keg. But I have learnt that a very, very slight pull of the lever at the start expels a lot of excess air. When the foam starts to flow after the air is expelled I stop. Wait a few seconds then start the pour as explained in 101.

Not saying this works for everyone, but so far so good for me.

Oh, and after the initial issue, all pours are good. But after 24 hours I need to do the process I've detailed.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Gary, I have the same problem. Infact yours looks pretty good compared to mine as you managed to get twice the amount of beer I usually get.

I do the 50/50 keg/bottles and I can pour 6 or 7 or 8 glasses straight of just froth from the keg, but enjoy a great drink from a bottle.

Something you can try is to only just crack the tap, so that the beer just dribbles out. It will take a minute or two to fill a glass?, but you may end up with around half a glass of good beer to drink (the rest being head), as opposed to it completely being wasted.

What brews have you tried?

Do you use a caddy?

The best thing you can do is contact Brewart Tech and let them know. It could be something you are not quite getting right, or it could be a fault with your hardware.

They seem to have slowed down in their responsiveness lately, but dont let that discourage you. Fire off a few emails, maybe make a phone call and see what they can do for you.

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Was wondering as mine seem to pour really well, do you pre-chill in a fridge for a couple of days before putting into the brewflo? I have always done this.  I also put the droid into storage mode for a few days before turning it onto keg mode brings the temperature down to 4-5C, think they call this cold crashing.


Just thoughts..



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2 weeks is the minimum. Always better to give your brews 4 weeks. Cold crash is ok. You wouldnt get any fizz if the yeast wasnt functional.

From what others have said, sometimes your first glass or so may be frothy, but it should settle down into a consistent product.

Talk to Brewart techs. Best advice I can give.


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Cheers Gibbo

Well I left the keg I tried in fridge to cool completely over nite then tried again this arvo. Admittedly I tried it at room temp last nite just to test brew flo. The chilled keg dose pour a lot better but beer is still al title flat but I think like u said just more secondary ferment time. Will leave em a bit longer from now on.

cheers ?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Brewart have been working with me to sort out my Brewflo problems.

Seems my keg hardware may have been causing some issues and it may be that a keg caddy is a 'must have' rather than an optional. Have a new brew kegged and will see in a few weeks if the changes have worked. 

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