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Ordering Brewprints Issues

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Hello All,

I am trying to order some brewprints and whenever I add to the cart I get the message "The requested quantity for "Primer" is not available." and will not add. Is this an error or is brewart really out of Primer. In reality I do not need primer since I plan to bottle and have plenty of carbonation tabs but it wont let me override.

Is this happening to anyone one else. It's been happening for a for days now in the US site https://brewart.com/us/

Kind of frustrating when I want to use my shinny new drioid. My first brew should be ready for bottle in a few days and want to start something new 🙂



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5 hours ago, Alan Batchelor said:

Seems I can add one brewprint but the primer warning comes after adding a second brewprint.

Must be a bug in the website.


Hi Alan. Same on the Australian ordering site. Normally will say “out of stock” so could well be a website bug. I’ll tag the store to notify.

Cheers Mark

@BrewArt Team for info/attention. Thanks 

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