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Too many Forums

Gavin Condon

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I think its great to have this community to share tips, tricks, ideas and results.

But there are way too many forums to keep track of all the information. 

Would it be possible to collapse the forums in to something like

Beer Droid



BrewArt and Food


Then use the tags to categorise the next level.

This would make it easier for visitors to click on only a couple forums to see whats new, rather then 16 seperate forums.

At least while its in its infancy.


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I don't mind the look of these forums although they could just have the main topics which you can click on which will bring up links to the sub topics.

I'm just glad that there is a dedicated forum to discuss BrewArt products run by BrewArt although I haven't seen any activity from the BrewArt Team on here recently which would be nice to have them on here more.

I would also like to see a news section so that BrewArt can communicate any news or announcements on here.

Yeah I agree that the unread content link is handy for looking for new posts on here.

I also like the gallery and member map too.

I guess this site is still relatively new so hopefully it will improve over time.

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