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Order Keg Liners Only on BrewArt Store


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After looking through my stock of Keg Liners and Beer Lines, I have noticed that I have a lot of Beer Lines left but not as many Keg Liners.

The reason for this is that if I drink a couple of kegs in a row then I'll use the same Beer Line since it only needs to be changed if it is used more than a few days after first using if it is not kept cool or a week if it is kept cool.

Everytime I order 4 Keg Liners from the BrewArt Store, it comes with 4 Beer Lines so I will always have more Beer Lines left over after finishing all my Keg Liners.

I think it would be good if the BrewArt Store had the option to order the Keg Liners separately like they have with the Beer Lines so I hope they are able to do this to in the future.

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I agree with Deeks and Peter.

I have read about brewers out there that reuse liners a couple times and seem to have good success. They just need to be properly rinsed etc. This may help slow down the liner to beer line consumption. 

I would also like this topic to expand and cover everything in the range. Kitting is a convenient way to sell bulk goods, but if I just need one small part, it would be great to be able to buy it from the store. Buying a whole kegging kit is a bit much, if I just need to replace an orange valve cos my dog chewed it or I lost my orange o-ring down the sink ;)



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I can see why BrewArt package the Keg Liners and Beer Lines together so that you can use a fresh Beer Line with each keg which has a fresh Keg Liner. I might just start using more fresh Beer Lines more often if I get heaps of spares but it kind of seems like a bit of a waste.

It seems a bit strange that you can order a set of 4 Beer Lines on their own but not a set of 4 Keg Liners since you are more likely to use more Keg Liners so I am hoping that they would offer it in the future to make it better for only ordering the supplies we need.

I must admit BrewArt have been pretty good at replacing the bits and pieces like the keg valves and O-rings with their great customer service and support so as long as they keep doing that then there is no need to offer these separately. Although it would be nice to be able to have some spares of these parts just in case something breaks or gets lost while you are in the middle of kegging. The Coopers store lets you order replacement accessories so I'm hoping that it will be just a matter of time before the BrewArt store does the same. 

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1 hour ago, Dean Buchanan said:

I'd suggest you ring them if you loose a orange valve, I did & they were happy to send me a new one, no charge too. Excellent service 

Yes their service is excellent and I have already had the benefit of the Brewart team's generosity (not for anything I have lost ;))

However, if everyone starts asking for a bit of this and a bit of that, I would hate for it to end up being shut down and getting told to "Go buy the kit", instead of having a fully featured spare parts, supplies and ingredients online shop. Everything that comes in a kit can be purchased separately.

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I understand Brewarts imperative to have the Liners/Lines in the one package. They have identified contaminated lines as an issue for failure in the taste of your brew.

While no doubt that the lines can be sanitised, cleaned and reused, if the beer tastes off more than likely a brewer will blame the brewprint. It's just another way of making sure the consumer has the best experience.

Still, as pointed out, very strange to sell Lines separately when you get them with the liners. 

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