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Entering storage mode

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4 hours ago, Christopher Villeda said:

Hello! So beer finally finished fermenting and went to “ready to keg” mode. I was just informed that the program was cancelled accidentally by my child. I won’t be kegging for a few days. Is there anyway to manually place the droid into storage mode? Are there any alternatives if not. Thank you!!

Welcome Christopher. No damage done, I’d start the brewing program as if just starting the process, it will go into propagation mode and you should be able to press the storage button. If that doesn’t work leave in propagation mode as it will keep the brew at kegging temperature, this won’t hurt leaving for a few days. 

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Hi @Christopher Villeda 

@Captain 3 Droids  is on the right track but you can't set it to storage mode until it detects end of fermentation, as this has already happened for this brew it won't detect it again.

If you are kegging in a few days and your room temperatures are not too high (i.e. less than 30C) then it is safe to turn the Droid off until you keg, as the fermentation is done, temperature variation should not impact your beer and the Droid is fairly well insulated.

If you want to play it safe, start a custom program and set the Propagate and Ferment temperatures to 5C, when ready to Keg and after the 12 hour Propagate time is over, use the App to change Ferment temperature to 18C, wait about 12 hours and you should be good to Keg. Terminate the program by pressing the X then tick on the front panel (or get your kid to do it 🙂)


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2 minutes ago, BrewArt Team said:

Hey @Captain 3 Droids  

We've had a look at the back end and from what we can tell, it looks like the BeerDroid was manually moved to Storage Mode.
It was done at about 6am, so could well have been while sleep walking 😂


Ha ha, and I’m sober then, 😂 thanks, I feel better now. I think? 🙄

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1 hour ago, Jack Cayes said:

Hey everyone! I was trying to store my beer because I can't keg for a couple days. But I turned of the program. Should I restart a new program or can I let it sit at 18 c for 2 days? 

Hi Jack


you can do a custom program with it all on 4 degrees. just tab down to custom on droid

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What's the temp at? if it's around 18c then you're good to go and the message may have just timed out or got stuck.  You should still be able to progress the droid from the front of it.  Honestly you can keg/bottle at any temp, if you're using sugar for carbonation, the worst that will happen is that it will take a few  hours longer to warm from cold before the yeast starts working on it, so add a day or two to the secondary fermentation time.

Regardless you're end of brew, so package away when ready.

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G 'Day @Daniel Upton,

This is definitely a strange one. I'd recommend turning your BeerDroid off at the wall and turning it back on again after 15 seconds, then seeing if you can move the Beer into Storage Mode, 

Please let us know how you go. Contact me via DM so we can sort it out without clogging up the thread :) 



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I'm panicking now. So I woke up this morning and checked my droids. One said it finished the brew and now in kegging mode. I pressed the tick button on the droid and that was it. It gave me no option to put it in storage mode.

Should have I done something on the app and not press anyrhing on the droid? When I go back to the app, the brewing process is all cleared and nothing there.

I have read all the other replies here and still can't find or see a way to put this in storage mode.

So what I have done is start a new brew and it's at 18 degrees in propagate mode. 

I won't be able to keg for a while due to issues. 


What should I do?

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I started a custom program and set the propagate function to 17 degrees. I hope that should keep it in kegging temperature.

I plan to keg later today. I need to pop out and get a few things before I do. It's early morning and everything is still shut. 

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The beerdroid will automatically go into storage mode after 48hrs of fermentation complete without touching it.  Especially if kegging into the brewflo kegs, you also want to leave it in kegging mode for 24+hrs, helps with final cleaning up of the beer & lets more of the yeast settle as it starts to hibernate.  Optional to be sure, but many users reporting on here that it helps.

As for what you've done, that's about the best option you can do given you accidentally finished the brew.

In future, if you want to set it to store (usually sets the beer to 4c) you'd use the app, it has a button to set to store at EOF.  Similarly if you didn't want to keg, start a custom program with the temps you want as you've done during propagate at 17c.

Either way the beer is fine at 17-18c for a few days.  Longer it's best colder, but you'd want to bring it back up to temp if you want to start carbonating, even then, it'll naturally come back up to temp, adding 12-24hrs to your secondary ferment.

In other words, you're all good, keg it away and enjoy!

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I'm still somewhat new to all this brewing business, and after watching a bunch more videos, reading up on things I've noticed a few things about my own approach.  Both with modern life's need to want to have things done perfectly or "right now" I found that beer is much more chill & wait rather than get onto things immediately.  Still have to keep telling myself this, but it's seems to be true!

Keep in mind most bucket brewers leave their brews (at constantly adjusting room temp) for 2 weeks+! This mostly to be sure that the thing has finished correctly.  With all the temp control we have & the smarts the brewart team have put into it, it's easy to get sucked into the idea that the machine is waiting for me now so I must jump in and do something.  The reality is, we're all spoilt with repeatably good beer, mostly because of that temperature control.  The beer, as I recently put into test, can happily sit in the thing for a good couple weeks without you thinking about it.  My most recent brew, it put itself into store after 2 days in "ready to keg" and I didn't have time & as I was bottling & I wanted to wait for the mate who wanted most of the batch to help me clean them all out & package it.

Long story short, beer came out great, even after adding things like sweet orange peel powder to the mix, packaged up great, now sitting in secondary for a couple weeks.  Slightly clearer than the previous one with basically the same bits in it, but somewhat clearer because it in effect cold crashed for 4 days.

Only stage to sweat, and what I must keep reminding myself, sanitise everything carefully, take your time, have fun with it, it's not a job!

Speaking of, got 2 different larger batches in kegs that now they've matured to a certain point I want to ensure the rest of the maturing happens at low temps.  Starting to experiment with not just maturing beers but actually aging them as well...  From my reading, aging, should only be done with 7+% beers though (beyond 6 months).

Anyhow best of luck with the brew.  Hope it delights you!

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