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Entering storage mode

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4 hours ago, Christopher Villeda said:

Hello! So beer finally finished fermenting and went to “ready to keg” mode. I was just informed that the program was cancelled accidentally by my child. I won’t be kegging for a few days. Is there anyway to manually place the droid into storage mode? Are there any alternatives if not. Thank you!!

Welcome Christopher. No damage done, I’d start the brewing program as if just starting the process, it will go into propagation mode and you should be able to press the storage button. If that doesn’t work leave in propagation mode as it will keep the brew at kegging temperature, this won’t hurt leaving for a few days. 

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Hi @Christopher Villeda 

@Captain 3 Droids  is on the right track but you can't set it to storage mode until it detects end of fermentation, as this has already happened for this brew it won't detect it again.

If you are kegging in a few days and your room temperatures are not too high (i.e. less than 30C) then it is safe to turn the Droid off until you keg, as the fermentation is done, temperature variation should not impact your beer and the Droid is fairly well insulated.

If you want to play it safe, start a custom program and set the Propagate and Ferment temperatures to 5C, when ready to Keg and after the 12 hour Propagate time is over, use the App to change Ferment temperature to 18C, wait about 12 hours and you should be good to Keg. Terminate the program by pressing the X then tick on the front panel (or get your kid to do it 🙂)


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2 minutes ago, BrewArt Team said:

Hey @Captain 3 Droids  

We've had a look at the back end and from what we can tell, it looks like the BeerDroid was manually moved to Storage Mode.
It was done at about 6am, so could well have been while sleep walking 😂


Ha ha, and I’m sober then, 😂 thanks, I feel better now. I think? 🙄

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