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Water for brewing

Shane Pfeiffer

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Has anyone tried anything other than tap water for their brewing in their BeerDroid? Over at Brewers Friend (http://www.brewersfriend.com/water-chemistry/ and http://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/water-profiles/) this seems to be quite a detailed topic. I am considering trying this, but wanted to get a few brews done with normal tap water so that I have something to compare too.

I also seem to remember this being discussed on a tour of the XXXX factory I went too a couple of years ago.


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2 hours ago, Shane Pfeiffer said:

Thanks for the replies guys. Do you think the store bought water is better than tap water?

In Australia we have just about the safest tap water in the world.

But there is an issue with taste depending on your location.

And all tap water has chemicals added, spring water should not.

As a newbie to this brewing caper I'm trying not to introduce anything that deviates from the intended taste of the brews. So 4 bucks seems a small price to pay.

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The biggest issue with tap water in Australia is the chlorine and whatever else they add as an antibacterial.

You can let you tap water sit around for a bit and let the chlorine evaporate off, or use a carbon filter to remove it and I even know a guy that used to put a couple drops of conditioner into his water (the same type used for aquariums).

Springwater has minerals in it. Tap water has minerals in it. Different %'s of minerals lends itself to different types of beer.

Personally I use filtered tap water.

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