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Possible Liner Fail


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So I just had my first ever keg fail. Had my Aztec Cerveza sitting in the fridge for a week or more after conditioning then transferred to the BrewFlo. Hook everything up and pull the handle to dispense goodness. All I got was air, air, and more air with a slight amount of froth. After about 5 mins I got a glass of froth that eventually settled to beer (with a big head). Had a taste and decided that I have invented a new sort of beer that would appeal to some sort of alien invader. Hard to describe the taste but "yeasty" and "disgusting" covers it. I suspect there is a problem with the liner and have emailed Brewart support. Ended up tipping the beer out and throwing the keg liner away, there was no way it was recoverable. Bit of a shame as I have brewed the Aztec Cerveza before and my wife is quite keen on it.

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On 18/07/2017 at 4:08 PM, Dean Buchanan said:

Did you taste it before kegging ? Just wondering if the taste was due to the liner or infection prior to kegging. 



Yep and it was good. Infected brew wouldn't explain the direct path from air in to air out though. Just put my Czech Pils on tap and that is fine. I'm also a Star San lover so the droids and kegging kit always get a good soaking in addition to all the other cleaning and sanitising. 

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I've had a failure put I'm unable to narrow down just what the issue is.

The pour was nothing but air and foam.

There was beer between liner and keg.

I've drunk as much as I can poured directly from the keg.

The fest went down the drain.

Bladder is now full of water in the sink trying to identify if there is a leak in it somewhere.






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On 03/08/2017 at 8:52 AM, Smooth Hoperator said:

I had the same thing happen once. When I took it apart I realised that I forgot to put the white o-ring on the keg cap.

Safe to say it hasn't happened since haha

Ah, the ring was definitely there.

I thought maybe I hadn't screwed the black adapter on the liner correctly, that's why I took the pic of it.

My overnight experiment yielded no result. The liner did not leak, the connection did not leak. Of course there was no compressor pressure applied.

Im at a loss, but the only other component is the cap. Ive isolated it from my collection and when BrewArt start a parts replacement page I'll replace it.

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This is my problem. The liners dont screw into this one properly. At first I thought it was my mistake, but this one has failed me twice.

The arrow shows where the leaking occurs and the end result if you leave it for 8 weeks.


cap fail.jpg

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Is it the same liner cap that has failed twice?

If so, chuck it out, contact Brewart with a link to this thread and your picture.

They'll send you a replacement.

If it's not the same one then you've got an issue. Did you do the reverse turn of the cap until it "clicks" in, before screwing the liner on? 

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On 09/08/2017 at 3:02 PM, Gibbo said:

...... but this one has failed me twice.




Thats what I said ?

Way ahead of you. My replacement is due in a couple days, but dont throw things out. Brewart tend to want broken things back.

Just sharing my Brewart experience for all to enjoy

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