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Beer Storage Fridge

Darren Jones

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That sounds like a good idea. I have a wine fridge sitting in my garage which isn't being used so I will have to give it a try. It's only a small wine fridge which holds 12 bottles of wine so I hope it will be big enough to fit the kegs. I will give it a go over the weekend.

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Not quite a "fridge" solution.

A mate of mine had a cupboard that he insulated with scraps of foam... A bit like what you would find as packaging for your Brewart ;) 

Each day before he went to work, he would take one or two frozen 2L bottles and sit them inside with his brews, to take the heat out of any temperature spikes. They were usually still partially frozen by the time he got home and the cupboard was cool, not cold.


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I tried to fit my kegs in the wine fridge but it wasn't big enough to fit in there so I won't be able to do this now.

Oh well it looks like I will have to keep storing the kegs on the bottom shelf in the pantry which isn't too bad since it doesn't seem to get too hot in there.

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40 minutes ago, Smooth Hoperator said:

@The Bitter Draughty I love the idea of setting up an old freezer as a fermentation chamber. How many kegs can you fit in there? 

Hi Smooth Hoperator

I can get 4 kegs, but unfortunately the bottom shelf is to low for  bottles, can not move it as the shelf is the element as well.

But 4 kegs will work well for me, I have 8 kegs in total and plan to do a brew every 2 weeks. secondary fermentation is about 2 weeks so will work out well.


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