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No,I haven't yet tried to remove the font top. I assume you mean the round clear top of the font which you can insert a Brew Logo ?

I do however attached a download of some logos to print .They were supplied by Brewart.

Not sure if I've answered your question but hey,too much homebrew on a friday arvo. ?

BrewFlo Interchangeable Font Top.pdf

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Well, I've just printed out the fonts in preparation of firing up the Beerflo.

I've also decided to try and make a template to be able to use the font design on a removable sticker to be put on the keg. Hopefully also with an area to write in kegging date and balance of  keg when removing a partially used keg.

I have run into a problem though.

No "Bombshell Blonde" Font!! Arghhhh!!

Oh, and i have to order in removable stickers in the size I want. If I succeed I will make the templates available to all. Work in progress though.

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Yeah I think that manual was written before they added those new BrewPrints recently.

The new BrewPrints not on there are Blondeshell Blonde, Lighthouse Pacific Pale Ale and Lion City Lager.

It would be good if the BrewArt Team could update this manual and post it in here.

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