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Ordering Ingredients Spreadsheet

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Hello Brewers,

Most of you I am sure will order your components individually rather than as a boxed Brewprint to save some serious money.  You will therefore know that the ordering screens are a bit long winded.  I have whipped up this spreadsheet with a dozen or so of my favourite brews and made it easier to work out what to buy each time I order in bulk.  Just tick the box under the brews you want and it will add it all up for you on the Left hand side.

I use bottle/tablets not the liquid primer so I have left that out, but you can add it in.

Anyhow, feel free to add more columns, change the brews etc - you need some basic excel skills to do so.  It does make it a much quicker process though.

Hope it helps.

Ordering Spreadsheet Template.xlsx

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Thats going to be a fantastic help. I stuffed up my last order and am short one ingredient for a brew.

This will hopefully stop that happening.

Must be a free delivery offer coming soon.

In fact, there hasn't been any offers for a while from Brewart.

Must be focused on the US.

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I did something a little different some months ago but couldn't upload it to the forum (stuck in some kind of moderation loop).

I'll try again - the purpose was for me to:

(a) Be able to understand what I needed to order for Brewprints without the extra stuff of an actual Brewprint

(b) Be able to learn the associations between what I liked and the ingredients.

Hopefully this time it will post ok..




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That's a massive amount of information!

I made up two Excel files. One was the Brewprints ingredients with just the name, brew times and ingredients.

The other is an Excel file with the ingredient list at the top and six "boxed" rows below.

When choosing a brew to order I simply copy the entire line from the first file into the blank "ordering" file.

Then it's an easy process to delete each column that has no ingredients chosen.

Then autosum gives me a total for each column in a thick lined box at the bottom, print and you have a list ready to order.


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Hi Guys,

Here is a simple, easy to use spreadsheet I created a little while ago for my own use, and have now seen this and thought others might like it.  I recently shared it on the Facebook group but maybe not everyone here is on there.

This spreadsheet has 3 tabs, one for all the BrewPrint data, one for printing out and keeping with the droid for referencing recipe on brew day and 1 for online ordering - online order helper tab is a very simple process, select all the brew/s you want from the drop down list and it will give you the totals for everything you need at the bottom - making ordering super easy, no excel experience is needed, I believe this is fool proof.

Hopefully it helps someone...

Cheers, Shem

Brew Prints Ingredients List - Jun 17.xlsx


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1 hour ago, Seth Schramm said:

Barrelboy - I'd suggest joining the Facebook group for BrewArt owners.  Those forums are much more active than this one and can really get into some stimulating conversations.  Hope to see you there!

Thanks Seth, as I’m not up to scratch with social media Facebook is a bit daunting. I did join once and got tons of emails from people all over the world wanting to be my friend. Could get rid of it/them so haven’t been back.

regards Mark


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I agree with Barrelboy.  There are some very good reasons why some of us can't really afford to open up our lives to Facebook.  I won't be joining Facebook and if that's where Brewart choose to hang out then great - their choice, count me out...

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