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Have this in the Keg as I am typing this.

The beer while fermenting in the droid will foam up and spill out the escape hatch as is to be expected, so if you are going to brew this, lay down some paper sheets or cloth to catch the foamy goodness.

Do try to use the best pineapple juice you can get. Read the label and if you can get a juice not made from concentrate all the more better, oh and preservative free with no added sugar as well would be the go.

If you have a local juice bar, see if they will juice you some fresh pineapple.

At just on 14 days in the keg it is still pretty green but you can taste the quality there and know that given another 2 weeks in the keg this beer will be great.

Pours with a great creamy head, and the flavour even at this early stage is becoming balanced and easy drinking.

The pineapple doesn't hit you in the face, rather it intermingles with the hops and builds a great flavour profile.

Definitely recommend giving this a go.

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