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Could This Be The Longest Thread Ever?

Rob Courtney

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Went out to dinner with the family last night and afterwards went to the supermarket to get something for breakfast.

Everyone except my teenage daughter comes into the supermarket with me, daughter stays in car on her phone.

As I am walking back to the car, I let out what I thought was an obvious fart but no one else heard it. As I jumped into the car, I realised the smell had followed me into the car.

I took action, as my son and wife got into the car, a mere second after me, I said to my daughter "oh my god, did you fart in here whilst we were out, that's disgusting"

It was disgusting, we had to wind down the windows as my wife drove off to temper the smell and as much as a 13 year old girl protested, she fell to that age old rule, "she who denied it, supplied it".

As she gets older she'll figure out the other rule "he who smelt it, dealt it" but until that time, I'm in the clear and my daughter is a fair chance of being tested for IBS this week or next.

Pretty sure this is the reason dads have kids

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