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Could This Be The Longest Thread Ever?

Rob Courtney

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General thread for day to day non beer thoughts...though beer thoughts are still fine. I'd only ask that people respect everyone elses view ( you can agree to disagree) and don't go overly political...I mean unless they start taxing Brewart, then we unite and march :)


Dad, come home


Switch Bike to Brewart...and that'd be me for sure

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The joy of tucking into an egg and bacon roll trying to get rid of a hangover only to have the phone ring and my parents in law cashing in that favour for you to come and help dig out the cellar they want at their property...chances of vomiting this afternoon look to have risen sharply...


42 Hangover Memes That Capture The Regret Of Drinking Too Much

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Just now, Rob Courtney said:

Funny beer Memes

Obviously, the answer is two beers.


Actually reminds me of the time the good wife and I were out at dinner...and the steaks are really nice, so we were both having steaks but the waitress came round for drink orders. So I obviously wanted a beer and they had Trumer Pils and I wanted a glass of red to sit and breathe until the steak came and they had ZYR Vodka, which is meant to be really to notch if you like Vodka ( I mean you like drinking Vodka straight, not Cruisers :) ) so I thought " try a shot of that".


Anyways, the waitress came out with al three and placed them in front of me and my wife looks at me and says " my, who looks like she's married to the alcoholic?...would it be this girl?"

Have to say though, ordering 3 drinks for yourself at once does cut down on the need to try and get the waitresses attention

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