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New Brewprint and free shipping over $200


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8 hours ago, Rob Courtney said:

have managed to order 16 beers worth of ingredients plus some keg liners and beer lines for $379

23 bucks a beer

Now for the good news 10l = 26 x 375ml stubbies = 0.88 cents each = $21.12 a slab.

10l = 23 x 425ml SA pints = $1/pint

 Now where can you get that value elsewhere? And we are talking about top notch quality in the brews.

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Not sure I will buy anything this time as I am at full capacity so it may be 10 weeks til I need to buy again. In saying that, local Brew guy very happy as I bought my bottling kit, 24 glass longies and 34 stubbies. With my other glass swing tops that makes it 48 longies in glass, 34 stubbies and a whole bunch of plastics ( probably 48) that will slink into storage.

In saying that, it is me, so a purchase is still a fair chance ;)


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10 hours ago, Paul84 said:

All of them haha . 

English Draught, Irish Red Ale, Coopers Pale Ale ( ill DH), Lion City Lager, Shadow Hill Porter, The Brewdog Punk IPA clone and something I cant think off of the top of my head. Did it off the tablet and thats at home now lol . 

A German Weissbier is the last one . See how a wheat beer goes

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3 minutes ago, Paul84 said:

A German Weissbier is the last one . See how a wheat beer goes

That had a good review however from the profile it should be interesting as well.

“Inspired by the German brewing heritage, German Weissbier has a hazy pale gold body topped by thick pale gold mousse-like white foam. With scents of banana, clove and a hint of bubblegum, a spritzy ale with soft wheaty flavours and a mellow finish.”

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14 minutes ago, Paul84 said:

I know took my fancy 🙂 . Want to see how wheaty and how much of the Banana will shine being a wheat beer. Not expecting a Hoegaarden , but if its ballpark I will be happy. The Pineapple IPA put the idea in my head from the profile .



I was thinking maybe Schoenhoffer but a hoey would be OK

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Yeah the German Wheat Beer varieties are vast so keen to see how it goes. Might be first one I brew when it arrives, i think it will.bw able to handle a young secondary and will be good for when I get back from my overseas trip, though Lion City might be appropriate too haha

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