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Is anyone labeling their bottles? What style of labels do you use - a simple hand written label or a custom made printed label? 

I think it would be great if coopers made available the labels and or label designs they already have for their brew prints for us to download or purchase in the online store. 

Would love to hear what everyone is doing. 

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I knock up my own in Photoshop, laser print (inkjet will run when bottle gets wet), give the front a spray with matt spray and then stick on with a mounting type spray.

That said, it'd be nice if the Brewart guys provided their labels - either the labels or just the art work would be good as I'd be happy using them.

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Thanks for the feedback all - I had fun making them.  Appreciate it.

Still working on other taglines - each brew needs its own!  So far I have the following to use, as well as the ones above - can anyone think of anything else suitably humorous?

  • Dinosaurs had no beer, and look how that worked out.
  • To beer or not to beer - that is a silly question.
  • If beer is the answer, what was the question?
  • Life and beer are very similar - chill for best results.
  • Technically, beer is a solution.
  • Beer - because you can't drink bacon.
  • Beer - because you don't win friends with salad.
  • Education is important, but beer is importanter.

All ideas warmly welcome!

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I've been brewing almost nonstop since receiving my Beerdroid for Christmas. I just started my 5th batch today. I was getting ready to bottle my second one when I realized I'd need some sort of system to keep track of everything. Here's what I came up with. It's not elegant or artistic, but it does make record-keeping and inventory management pretty easy. Essentially, every new brew is assigned a letter (once I reach "Z", I'll just start over with "AA" and so on), and every batch of that brew will be assigned a number. I can use a marker on the crown caps, or a simple sticker on reusable caps. The journal lets me keep notes on my efforts as well as quickly identifying which beer is which. 


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I use Avery 8460 labels printed from a laser printer.  There are 30 per sheet so there is no room for artwork.  After use, they are easily scraped off my glass bottles with a razor-blade scraper tool.  For kegs, I use a Brother P-touch tape labeler.  Information on the label includes the Brew Name and the date.  I use a YYMMDD date code which is also the batch number.  Although I have two Droids, I am not likely to start two batches on the same day, so the date code uniquely identifies a batch and will be in chronological order.

I keep a 4" by 6" card log for each batch and also an electronic log in Microsoft OneNote.

I use the attached chart for evaluating my brews.


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