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Cooking with Beer?


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I have cooked Beef and Guinness Pie using the Russian Imperial Stout which I have brewed using the Coopers DIY kits before and that turned out really nice and was quite strong too. I am sure that the Coopers Special Old Stout BrewPrint would also work well with this recipe.

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Never saw this thread, can make a chunky steak pie, or with mince if you like using beer in the recipe. You can use any sort of beer but I could see how an ale or stout would give a different flavour. I'll go through my recipe notes in the next couple of days and post a recipe that uses beer, comes up alright.

I should make one with my Guinness bottles and see how that goes

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Now, that we have a few people on this forum,  I do a fair bit of cooking, people say i cook good, I always see room for improvement. I will start uploading recipes that have worked and I will pair it to beers. I will make this recipes as easy to cook as possible so you can make your Missus say " i'LL DO all the work tonight"


Lets face it, she won't but it is nice to hear

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I guess this might go here but I had a go at the cricket club that we don't put on a tea for tea break. When I first came down to the South East and started playing cricket, it used to be a "thing". Farmers wives would have scones with home made jam and cream, home made sausage rolls and pies, pasties, cakes etc. You could bowl 20 overs in 35 degree heat and still hit the scales 2kgs heavier than what you were when you arrived at the ground.

So, there is only one solution, kill people but given the law is a little shady on that option, I have sent through a text that everyone has to bring something. I am guessing there will be a box of pizza shapes coming, maybe a bag of Doritos, hopefully not a Woolies sponge cake, although, I know a couple of guys in the side can cook, so it won't be all bad. I do wonder how many Saus rolls we end up with but lets face it, is there really a thing as too many Sausage rolls? I still remember one match though years ago when a players wife turned up just before tea break with a red riding hood like basket and it was filled with home made sausage rolls and party pies and home made tommy sauce. If she would have asked our team to throw the game...I reckon we may have.

So, I am doing Sausage rolls and spring rolls.


Saus Rolls

500gms sausage mince

2 big squirts tom sauce

2 big squirts BBQ sauce

half an onion chopped

Bit of mince chilli

1 carrot grated

splash of Woster sauce

If you have mixed herbs, throw a handful in

3/4 to a cup of bread crumbs

Puff pastry

Mix ingredients, put on puff, split puff sheet in half, that will make a saus log with ingredients 175 degree in oven, bout 30-45 mins depending on oven.


These go very well with beer...surprisingly


Will explain Spring Rolls tomorrow, they are well worth trying..anyways, getting a bit hammered


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Spring Roll recipe.


The Spring rolls are a rough recipe, unlike spring rolls you would get from a take away, or from the supermarket these have more of a Samosa ( ish) chiko roll (ish) sort of filling. I have always disliked the usual Spring  Rolls as heavy on vermicelli noodles, bit of carrot but really not much more, you enjoy the crunchiness of the casing more than what is inside.


So, you will need spring roll wrappers from a supermarket freezer, next to the puff pastry

500gms of chicken mince ( can use any mince)

1/4 to a 1/2 of shredded cabbage

4-8 spring onions chopped finely

Couple of chillis ( as little or as much as you want) chopped finely)

Good splash of Woster sauce

probably half a bottle of Soy Sauce

1/2 to full teaspoon of minced ginger


Fry chicken mince, moving about to break up just to cook, not brown, as soon as pink has gone, add chilli and stir fry one min, breaking up mince

add cabbage, and mix through, the heat will wilt down the cabbage

add a glug of soy and stir though ( you can always add more, so not too much, you should test the whole way through and add wha is needed)

after a couple of ins, add ginger, woster and spring onions

lower heat and keep moving around and testing so you can adjust the flavou b adding more soy sauce.

Do keep in mind, it is going to have a kick when you are trying it but it will dial back by half when cooled, then put in wrappers and fried, so if you want it to have a chilli hit in it when finished, it will need a kick in its construction stage.

Best prepared overnight and left in the fridge to fuse the flavours.,


So, then you have this mince mix with all the cabbage broken down and soft through it, the kick of spring onions, chilli and ginger and the falvour of 2 sauces.

To construct it is as simple as puttting a couple of spoonfulls of mixture on wrapper, rolling over and folding in until you make a cigar, bit of water to seal the edges of the wrapper, do that 20-30 times and you are ready ( will post pics of construction a little later.

Everyone loves these even my vegan friends...though I did tell them it was plant based meat, not chicken mince. I mean, they sprung plant based meat on me one time without telling me, so what's good for the Goose...




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Usually, the mix would come out a little darker than this but some idiot, when he went to get some Hoi sin sauce grabbed a bottle of "Organic soy", which is just like Soy Sauce, only more expensive, so that stuff is a little lighter in colour, probably a bit stronger on flavour but yeah, normal soy sauce is what I'd usually uses

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Think I have eaten 12 of those spring rolls today, just delicious.

They turned up to the club just after I put the saus rolls out and beat the saus rolls to the finish line. These are definitely one recipe that can be followed loosely and adjusted through constant tasting but jeez, they turn out so good 

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Just now, Paul84 said:

I have found Fish batter is the easiest thing you can make , just needs bubbles 🤣

Cup of SR flour , salt to taste, Cup of your favourite beverage with bubbles and mix . 

Stout pancakes tomorrow 😉

Stout pancackes?


If something ever desreved the title "Breakfast of champions"

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Just kidding. 

I make bread regularly and have ended up off recipes at this point.   Basically if you have a mixer it’s easiest but I emptied the droid sludge straight into the mixer and added a second cup of warm water, 4 pinches of salt, and I think 2-3 cups of flour.    

with bread it’s all ratios, but basically thicker than batter but not as dry as traditional bread flower.   



no ones died yet 

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