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BeerDroid General: New BrewArtist? Please read this post first

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Tried to do another review on the Beerdroid but can’t as I’ve already done one after my first brew. Update reviews aren’t available so will do it here. I have no affiliation with BrewArt or Coopers but I do have a great appreciation of the Coopers kit products thus part of my reasoning in purchasing the Beerdroid.

I’m into my 6th brew now in nearly 2mths and it has continued to produce top quality brews that are not only cheaper than equivalent slaps from bottle shops but imo better. I’ve done 3 brewprints/ingredients, 2 Coopers kit wort and 1 combination of both. Excellent results and the wifi information is just a big plus. I can keg (own ss kegs), clean unit/sanitise and fire up the unit for a new brew in just under an hour.

Way to go

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5 hours ago, Barrelboy said:

Now have my 20th brew in the droid (includes about 6 Coopers cans/ Brewprint ingredient brews). The unit is great, quality outcomes ever time. So good have ordered a second unit and the normal plastic fermenters can be put away!

Joining the Double Droid club!

Will not regret it

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On 16/08/2019 at 9:32 PM, Rob Courtney said:

Joining the Double Droid club!

Will not regret it

Bloody Australia Post. Two cartons (Droid and ingredients) picked up from Coopers QLD on Tuesday  and two cartons acknowledged by Australia Post, Brisbane. 

Two cartons acknowledged by Australia Post, Melbourne on Thursday. Notification am today (Saturday) the delivery will be today. You beauty I thought.

Guess what, ingredients carton delivered, Droid carton still in bloody Melbourne, delivery estimated next Wednesday. Bloody hopeless. They treat Adelaide with contempt, all eastern state parcels/cartons have to go through their sorting facility at Sunshine Vic, adds days on.

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6 hours ago, Barrelboy said:

Start of day 2 Adelaide heat wave. These droids just excel. Ambient temperature 31C at 6.30am in the brew room.

How did you WA brewers get on. Heat on the way to Melbourne and suspect that Mt Gambier will get it’s fair share.


My brew room sits on 23 degrees all the time. Not helping the power bills but helps my beers lol 

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26 minutes ago, Barrelboy said:

Appreciate but inside the brew room. This at 6.20pm. Weather great though for drinking,  no sorry, for hydration. 😂 


Aircon in the brew room ? Inside the droid isnt complaining but what about your conditioning bottles/kegs ? 

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2 hours ago, Barrelboy said:

Good start to Friday 6.15am. Expecting brew room to be over 40C again today. Last year I would be frantically changing frozen 2 litre water bottles over in the large eskies where the plastic fermenters sat.

Mate that feels exhausting and stressful just thinking about it!

I also woke to a good start for a Friday... 2nd batch of Honey lager is Ready to keg after 10 days. 😎


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