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Beer Drinking Glasses

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3 minutes ago, Alan Batchelor said:


The stein for some good lagers. The chalice for IPA’s. The Weihenstephan because it’s curved. And not to forget the Stella glasses, simple because they are the best (No need for a photo) 




Does the curved glass straighten when you’re had a few? 🤪😜

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Answers to above questions 😁 

Been in Port Hedland for 2.5 years now , moved up for work and to be able to go home to my family every day . 

The plan is open ended but i would say we will have a couple of seasons yet. This decision is mainly up to the Minister of War and Finance , she will let me know when its enough 

I have pint glasses (real pint sized 🤣🤣🤣) up here, but i spent most of my 20s collecting as many glasses as I could from a pub or a bottle shop when i saw something new. I am thinking of buying a couple of nice glasses for up here as i have done with my whiskys as a glass does make the experience. 

And no i am pretty open about my business 🤣

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When my parents in law went to Europe, they brought me this glass back. A beer needs the correct glass to get the best out of it and a German pilsner/lager does come to the fore in this sort of glass and the same wasy a Belgian beer, needs a Belgian glass.

Anyways, Neder in this glass is a treat 


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15 minutes ago, Alan Batchelor said:


Here is another fantastic glass for darker style beers like Innis&Gunn, Belgium monk ales etc. it’s the perfect size for .300l  (11.2 floz). I broken mine and I am on the look out for another..







Found this in ebay if it helps, you’ll need to ascertain American cost/postage


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