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Brewing using Coopers cans?

Brendan Ashe

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Mate it’s gone already.   
i mini kegged half of it and there was a ton of wastage as I tried to figure out the kegs and mini keg assembly (despite being warned by old mate at the local brewshop to try first with water—-“I got this” I said to myself.   Nope.  Didn’t have it.  

anyhow.  The mini keg forced carbonation ensured we killed the keg in a single setting.   And yes it’s good just out of the droid.   

so thankfully the next half batch is bubbling away.  

though I did propagate the yeast and trub from the first batch and it’s looking very cloudy (I actually love cloudy beer so I’m not terribly worried)

big fan of the mini keg SYstem. 5L mini keg runs off 16g CO2 canisters ($2ea)

Effectively it’s a portable brewflo. 

and who wouldn’t want to carry their BrewFlo around ??

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On 12/02/2021 at 2:36 AM, J P said:

Alright.   Update.  7 day ferment on the half can of preachers Hefeweizen with 500gm light malt extract.  I’m super stoked that it worked.   So much so that I had to have a couple of pints of it straight out of the droid after kegging one Brewart keg and a mini 5L.  

straight out it looks smells and tastes fine.  Obviously will be better later on.  

I plan to condition the Brewart keg for a couple of weeks, and as for the 5L mini keg I plan to use CO2 to carbonate and drink straight away.  (Mostly because I don’t have more Brewart kegs and haven’t yet caught up with desired consumption rates).


will update with the results as they come in.   I don’t mind doing the hard yards for you fellas 😆


no happier feeling than when the droid tells you “hey I’m done, come keg me”


Respect to the brewer that drinks a couple of warm ones straight out of the fermenter. 🤣

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Thanks for bumping this thread @Garth Moultonas it's quite timely.

Foodland supermarkets here in Adelaide had Coopers products on special earlier this week so I grabbed a can of Coopers Australian Pale Ale, a packet of Brew Enhancer #2 and 500g Coopers Light Malt. 

I plan to do another stovetop concoction and make 20L of wort to fill two Droids. Planning on using Safale US-05 Yeast and to hop with Amarillo and Cascade both in the boil and as a dry hop.

Aiming for an easy drinking Hoppy Pale Ale that should be a good one to share with the neighbours over the fence this Summer.

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