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German Weissbier with too much head


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My first brew in the BeerDroid was the German Weissbier and while it was very nice to drink, it had a huge amount of head and was pouring heady staright from the BrewFlo.

I have a feeling that the extra head is due to lots of wheat malt being used for this BrewPrint.

Since this was my first brew I thought I may have done something wrong with kegging the beer but my second brew which was a Coopers Pale Ale was perfect.

I have heard that many others have had the same issue with only 2 weeks of conditioning in the keg.

It looks like the head may improve a bit more if you leave it to condition for a few more weeks.

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Hi Chris


I had the same problem with the Birra Italiano. A great drop but the keg was heady all the way through. Prior to this I had done 5 lots of Coppers Mild and had no problems so as with you assume it has something to do with the brew print ingredients. I had also only allowed to 2 weeks conditioning & still have the other keg from the batch in storage so will try again in a few weeks to see if this helps it settle down.


Other than the big head the Birra Italiano is a cracker brew. I usually only drink mid strengths so hoping that Brewart extend their current 3.5% offering as at the moment there is only the 2. 

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That doesn't sound good. I would have thought 5 weeks would be long enough to see a better pour. Was it much better than the first keg?

I will probably hold of brewing this German Weissbier again until I see an improvement from other peoples experiences with longer conditioning time.

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I had a similar problem with the APA, however it was just the first half a glass that was heady, each time I used the BrewFlo after not pouring a drink for a while. 

So each time I used it, I would pour half a glass of head, flick that half glass and then pour the perfect beer. I little bit wasteful in my book, but I want beer not ice cream ;) 

I have poured the weissbier from a bottle and it has been just fine. I do have a keg of weissbier (4 weeks) so I will give that a crack tomorrow and report back. 


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The lager brews I have had have been heady. I put the last one - Coopers Artisen Reserve in for 3 weeks then in the fridge at 4 degrees for 3 days prior to putting in the Brewflo.  This seems to have worked.  I have also used a more rounded bottom beer glass to pour into.  The first half a glass is a little heady but you can ditch that and it should pour ok. All of the ales that I have done have not had any head issue.  Hope this assists.

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Nothing but head. 

I agree 100% Chris. Can see that it is frothy as it comes out of the Brewflo. 

Glad I did one keg and half a dozen bottles. My bottles provide a better yield as I get full volumes and controlled levels of head.

I have another wiessbier brewprint waiting in the wings. This one will be all bottled.

What should I do with my started keg? Should I just shelve it for a few more weeks(months) and try again?

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I use a weizen glass so that wasn't the problem. I tried different glass types, changing the beer lines, removing then inserting the keg again, checking the air line and beer line connections, glass was chilled, kegs were chilled and still had heaps of head.

The second keg was exactly the same as the first one which was consumed straight after the first one.

I did manage to get a couple of decent pours out of the keg but that was it.

I think you can leave the other keg for a bit longer as I have heard it might help it improve a bit although it depends on the number of kegs you have and how long you can wait to drink it.

That might be a good idea to bottle it instead of kegging since it might pour better from the bottle.

I would have left mine to condition for a bit longer but it was my first brew and it was Christmas so I was thirsty and I wanted to use my BrewFlo.

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Sounds like a couple of days in the fridge before the beerflow may be a solution.

Could it be that the flow, being a smaller refrigeration unit, isn't getting the core of the keg down to temp?

Just a thought.

Will definenately be putting mine in the fridge before the flow due to this thread.

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23 hours ago, Rob Courtney said:

Thought I might scare folk by bumping this thread, anyways, cracked a bottle tonight and it is a true wheat beer, think four of five weeks in but very close to Schoenhoffer

Awesome Rob, good feedback . Looking forward to brewing either this or the Lion City straight after Xmas 🙂

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18 minutes ago, Rob Courtney said:


I liked the Lion City, not sure it was a true representation of Tiger but it had been a long time since I had Tiger

Its about the only lager I drink. That and Bintangs lol . And usually because I have set up in that country for holidays lol

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Just cracked one of these after a hard day in the yard, 6 weeks in, really improved into a subtler beer. Wheat is still there but not as in your face, really enjoying this one and will definitely go on the reorder list...one of those 17 dollar beers too. 

If this was on tap at the pub (if only where I live) and it was a sixer for a pint, I'd be ringing the wife telling her to come pick me up in a few hours

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